Investigation of Latvian historic building materials is on-going within the EU research project RIBuild ( Hygrothermal properties of bricks, stones, mortar and plaster from pre-1940 buildings are determined to predict effects of internal insulation on existing walls. Tests have been done on density (reference standard:EN 772-13:2000), porosity (EN 772-3:1998), water absorption (EN 772-21:2011), freeze-thaw resistance (LVS 405:2002), sorption curves (ISO 12571:2013), compressive strength (EN 772-1+A1:2015) and soluble salt content using test strips. The laboratory is being equipped to do tests according to ISO 15148:2002, ISO 12572, ASTM C1699 and other scientific methods for a complete hygrothermal description of materials.

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