Doctoral Study

During the recent years environmental science has become an important scientific area which put the effects on development of society and development of other scientific fields. Environmental pollution has created significant threats for the society, therefore there is a need to put the emphasis on environmental protection activities at all levels. Environmental Science study programme is developed to prepare technological specialists which are able to reach sustainable development levels in environmental protection and to follow the advances in national and regional economy progress in a sustainable way.

Institute of Energy systems and Environment of the Riga Technical University provides academic education in Environmental Science on three levels.

Objective of the doctoral study programme is to implement a high quality academic studies which prepares multi-profile and qualified specialists with integrated academic background and ability of systematic thinking, understanding of implementation of scientific, industrial and pedagogic work, has developed its doctoral thesis and got a degree of doctor in engineering.

Tasks of the doctoral study programme include the following:

  • to perform an individual scientific research work on a specific topic;
  • by using fundamental and practical science achievements to gain deep theoretic knowledge through lectures, practical and laboratory studies as well as individual studies; 
  • by using state of art researching methods to gain skills for performing qualitative scientific researches and to consult on climate technologies and energy systems;
  • to gain skills to manage and develop sustainable development processes in industries and energy sector or at state level; 
  • to promote implementation of scientific achievements in industries and environmental management systems; 
  • to improve pedagogic work skills.

The final examination is presentation of thesis (dissertation). The doctoral degree is awarded for independent promotional work (thesis), which contains original approved research results and provides new findings in chosen scientific field. The conformity of work is evaluated by the State scientific qualification committee, the experts of Latvian Science Council and the Promotional Council of corresponding scientific field taking into account following criteria: completeness and novelty of investigations, conformity of content and volume of thesis, usage of advanced methods for analysis and data treatment, the presence of publications in peer reviewed international scientific issues, participation in international scientific conferences (seminars) and dissemination of results of investigation. Promotional Council makes a decision by closed voting.

Leading environmental and energy experts in engineering companies, municipalities, ministries, environmental quality surveillance institutions, senior scientists in scientific institutes, superiors (managers) in companies and state institutions, decision makers, evaluators of scientific achievements, experts of international organisations, etc.



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